Tuesday, June 21, 2011

BOOK REVIEW: Fandemonium by Outskirts Press

ABOUT THE BOOK (From Amazon):

The Facebook Anthology

In January 2011, Outskirts Press invited fans of its Facebook community at facebook.com/OutskirtsPress to submit poetry, short stories, excerpts, recipes, or anecdotes for free publication in an Outskirts Press Facebook anthology. Over 100 Facebook members submitted content on the Outskirts Press "wall" and to Outskirts Press directly. Fans were asked to "Like" the submissions they liked the best. Facebook fans then voted on the title of the anthology and the cover design of the book. More importantly, the social community was asked to vote for a charitable organization to receive royalties resulting from sales of this book. The American Red Cross received nearly 50% of the votes.

Proceeds from the sale of Fandemonium will be donated to the American Red Cross on behalf of Outskirts Press and its Facebook Fans. Thank you for the support.

Fandemonium not only brought our Facebook members together for a good cause, it provided an easy, fun, free way to experience the joy of publishing with Outskirts Press first-hand. If you are a writer or professional with a book in your future (or in your hands), Outskirts Press can help you with writing, publishing, and/or marketing it. Visit our website for more information: OutskirtsPress.com 


This anthology is a really great introduction to a group of indie-published and/or previously unpublished authors.  It contains poems from writers such as Ronnie Lee, Robert Burroughs and Kimberly Raiser and short stories from writers such as Sally Cisney Mann, Colleen Rae and Chris Fisher, to name just a few.  There are over 60 poems and short stories from nearly 50 different writers.  

The poems and stories are easy to read and the themes range from poignant (short story titled "Strength" by Jon Burcaw) to humorous (short story titled "Sh*t Happens" by Pamela Frost) to inspirational (poem titled "Single Pink Ribbon" by Heather Jones).

I recommend this book if you like reading short stories and poetry.