Sunday, March 20, 2011

BOOK REVIEW: Anna Karenina (Part III) by Leo Tolstoy

I made a pact with a family member to read two chapters of Anna Karenina every day (5 days/week) to finish it in approximately 5 months. The book has a total of 8 parts and I'm going to review each part as I go so I don't forget what I've read by the end. Then I'll put the separate reviews together for my Amazon review.

You can read my reviews for the first two Parts here:

Part III got a little less interesting for me.  I don't think we met any new characters (at least not any that seem important to the story at this point).  It focused mostly on Levin, his agricultural work, his thoughts about the agricultural reform in Russia and his feelings about Kitty.  We know Levin is trying to forget about Kitty, but still loves her.  Also, after Anna tells her husband about her affair with Vronsky at the end of Part II, her husband decides it is best for them to stay together, but threatens to divorce Anna and take her son away if she invites Vronsky into their home.