Monday, February 14, 2011

BOOK REVIEW: Animals/Animales by Eric Carle


This bilingual board book with a sliding panel uses Eric Carle’s vibrant artwork to teach the names of common animals in both English and Spanish. The panel slides back and forth to reveal the name of the animal in English (“dog”) and in Spanish (“perro”). The facing page features a simple sentence about the animal in both languages.


I don't usually like bilingual English/Spanish books.  Although I speak Spanish, I figure most people aren't comfortable reading the Spanish text in bilingual books.  That may be the case with this one, but I like the way it's done in this one.  Parents can read the English text (one sentence per page, on the left side) and skip the Spanish text if they are not comfortable reading it.  Then on the right side there's a sliding panel where parents can read the English then Spanish word for each animal.  This is the best part!  I can tell my 2-year-old knows I am teaching him a new word each time I say the Spanish version and he repeats it every time.  This is definitely a fun, easy read for (parents with) babies through preschool age.