Friday, January 21, 2011

BOOK REVIEW: You Are Special by Max Lucado

ABOUT THE BOOK (From Amazon):

Max was interested in helping children understand their value--not from the world's perspective, but from God's. Wemmicksville is a land created by Eli, the God figure of the story. He creates each Wemmick in Wemmicksville uniquely, each with its own look and personality. Each story and video is a new adventure with the citizens of Wemmicksville. Punchinello is the central character, along with his friends Lucia, Splint, and Chip. When Punchinello strays from Eli, he begins to have problems. Only when Punchinello stays close to Eli does he clearly see how to walk through his life in Wemmicksville.

In this heartwarming tale, Eli helps Punchinello understand how special he is--no matter what other Wemmicks may think. Children will learn a vital lesson--regardless of how the world sees them, God loves each of them just as they are.


My son Eli received this book as a gift when he turned 2, probably because his name is the same as one of the characters in the book. At that time, the story was a little confusing to him because he couldn't grasp the concept of someone else being called Eli. He's now 3 1/2. We read it again last night and he really enjoyed the story. I would also read this with older age groups (4-8) to use when discussing social issues like bullying and being picked on.

The reading level for this book is listed as baby-preschool. Although it can hold the attention of a younger listener with the beautiful illustrations, the message of the story is really for older readers/listeners. As kids begin socializing in school and experience being picked on for any reason, this story teaches that it only matters what others say about us if we let it.