Monday, January 3, 2011

BOOK REVIEW: The Christmas Penguin by Mary Packard

Christmas (2010) is over, but we have a few new holiday books from Santa we still want to review.  The first is The Christmas Penguin by Mary Packard.  Next we'll review I Spy A Candy Cane and I Love Christmas.

(from Amazon): Rollie the penguin has a special Christmas wish: He wants to be able to fly! On Christmas Eve, Santa asks him to help deliver the toys. But when a bag falls from the sleigh, Santa fears that the bag is lost forever. Then Rollie "flies" through the water and retrieves the bag of toys. Santa is proud of Rollie, who realizes that penguins do indeed fly - in their own special way.

MY REVIEW: My son's dream is to fly.  As a 3-year-old, the moral of the story was lost on him, but it is a very cute book that helps parents talk with kids about being proud of who they are and the talents they have.  The writing style is very easy to read and understand.  We will certainly put this in our Christmas box to get out and read every holiday season.