Friday, November 5, 2010

PRODUCT REVIEW: Amazon Kindle Wireless Reading Device

I don't have the newest version of the Kindle.  I have an older version, but I love it!  I typically review books on this blog, but since the holiday shopping season is coming up, I thought a product review might be helpful to readers as you are preparing you list of gift ideas.  The new Kindle is bigger, lighter and only $139!  It's a great gift for any reader on your list.  Here's my review...

Reading in the 21st Century!  The Kindle makes reading easy for a person who's on the go all the time. I've already loaded it up with a number of books I want to read and as I finish each one, I can move on to the next one wherever I am. I can browse the Kindle Bookstore and instantly download new books directly from the Kindle or use the 1-click button on to easily purchase books and have them sent directly to my Kindle in seconds.  The best part is Amazon provides a list of Top 100 FREE Kindle ebooks on their website.  You can browse that list once a week or so and find great books to load on your Kindle absolutely free!

Happy holiday shopping!